mauritius Top 10 Water Sports in Mauritius

Mauritius is a place where you cannot avoid water sports at all. Even if you are not a water sports person then also you will fall in love with the facilities available here. And if you love adventurous water sports then this will be a heaven for you. Mauritius offers a lot of options available regarding water sports and you can choose any of them to have a great holiday.

 1. Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the most popular water sports in Mauritius. It is of around 5 for 15 minutes duration and people enjoy a broad view of the sea by doing this. If you want to record the whole panoramic view from the height in parasailing then you should not forget to strap your camera properly to prevent it to get damaged.

 2. Cave sea kayaking

If you want a similar option in adventure water sports then you can opt for cave sea kayaking. It is a great experience for the people who love to see different islands and caves through the waterway. You will have the option of taking a single or double kayak. Proper training is available in most of the places before doing Cave Sea kayaking in Mauritius.

 3. Water skiing

Whoever comes to Mauritius with a strong heart always opt for water skiing. But it is quite difficult for people who are beginners in different water sports. But here they will give you proper training before actually doing the activity. You should always make sure that you wear the life jacket and other equipment properly so that you don’t have to worry about your life during the sport.

 4. Windsurfing

This water sport is a bit difficult at first for the people who don’t have any experience in this. But if you take the small crash courses available here before doing it then it will be much easier for you. You have to control the acceleration and speed of the surfboard you are riding. A small tip for doing it is always choosing a big board for better control.

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 5. Deep-sea fishing

This type of fishing technique is a bit different from the normal fishing. Here you have to be much more patient than normal fishing because you have to make the target of the fishes which are available in the deep sea area. But before doing this activity always take the advice from some experts to avoid any type of confusion in your mind.

 6. Blue safari submarine

If you really want to try out diving in Mauritius but don’t want to get wet at all then you must try out doing blue Safari submarine dive in the sea. In this activity, you will be taken to the deep sea level in a small submarine from where you will be able to enjoy the aqua life and you don’t have to worry about the proper way of diving. This water sport is a bit expensive than the other options but the experience is worth it.

 7. Underwater sea walk

Underwater sea walk is a very unique water sport available in Mauritius. Here you will be taken to the deep sea and then you will experience and nice walk under the sea. The activity is quite expensive but if you take proper training then you will enjoy this a lot and probability that will be the best experience for you in Mauritius.

 8. Underwater scooter

Did you ever imagine about riding a scooter under the water? Most probably no. But this activity is available in Mauritius where you will enjoy riding a scooter under the sea. Different crash courses are available to do this activity and you have to make sure that your dress up comfortably while doing this. Because the whole activity is a bit dangerous sometimes and you have to be careful beforehand to avoid any kind of accident. So it will be a bit unit activity for you as a water sport if you want to try out something quirky.

 9. Snorkelling

This is one of the most conventional water sport in the world where you will get to see the aqua life under the sea without really diving into the water. It is one of the easiest ways of enjoying the underwater life. But if you want proper adventure in the water sport then this is a very easy one for you. So if you want a safe water sports experience then snorkelling is the best choice for you.

10. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is available in almost every places right now and that is why if you go to Mauritius and don’t do scuba diving then and your holiday will be a complete waste. Because it is the most basic one of all the other activities. Here they will train you for some days to learn how to go deep into the sea and also I will teach you the driving techniques. You have to own proper diving gears before starting the actual activity. Some learn professional will help you in your life and you don’t have to worry much about your safety here.

So these were the major water sports available in Mauritius. So if you are a person who loves to add some adventure in your holiday trip to Mauritius then you must try out at least one of them for sure.

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