Bali The rich culture of Bali and the most popular places to visit

Bali is probably the main tourist destination of Indonesia which is witnessing the significant rise in tourists over time since the 1980s. The effect of tourism on Bali is extended so much that 80% of the economy is generated only through tourism and visitors from worldwide. Known as The land of the Gods, its natural beauty hotspot is infamous all over the world and is probably among the cheapest attractions to visit.

Starting from the exciting nightlife to the luxurious beach resorts one can find everything required to spend a quality time with friends and family members. Moreover, the intricately carved temples that are present on every step of the streets display the best ever arts and reflects the rich culture of the city. The street food delicacy can also be the once in a lifetime experience that you would love to explore.

Places to visit in Bali

Opting for a Bali Holiday package can reveal most of the popular and must-visit places but selecting the best travel companion such as relytrip is what plays a major role. However, the places which should be enlisted while preferring the package are

  • Pura Tanah Lot: – Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most iconic places of Bali due to its magnificent seaside rocky islet which is surrounded by water bodies. Of all the sea temples on the island, it is considered as one of the most sacred places. Walking across the main temple can deliver the best moments to capture with your loved ones. It is probably the topmost place to get ticked in the list of places included in the Bali explore packages. 
  • Uluwatu Temple: – Among all the exciting spots, one of the best surf spots is located below the cliff top of Uluwatu Temple. Sunset in this temple is one of the best views that one could ever experience in a life time. While the temple is believed to protect Bali from evil spirits, the monkeys dwelling around the temple are thought to be guarding the temple.
  • The art and culture of Ubud: – Ubud is known to reflect the ancient touches of art and culture that were once the signature of Bali. One can find many local museums and galleries are available here to reflect the evolution and tradition of the cities. Balinese art can complement your trip to the fullest bringing you closer to the real artistic side and ancient culture of the country.
  • Waterbom Bali: – Waterbom Bali is one of the places that must include in the Bali Holiday package if you are looking for a ball of a time with your friends and family members. This action-packed water park that is situated in the center of Kuta has the best swimming pools drifting down the lazy river and slides are named as a Green viper, python and super bowl. Your kids can have their best moments on these slides for sure.
  • Shopping in Seminyak: – Apart from exploring the city and getting into the food delicacies in the street and renowned food centers, shopping in Bali is also one of a kind experience that one should never miss. Starting from the rare collection of affordable jewelry sets to the variety of clothing as per the latest trend, the collections in different categories will certainly blow off your mind.

Vacation trip to Bali and packages

If you are planning for a weekend vacation trip to Bali then approaching a travel companion such as RelyTrip could be a lot convenient. Most affordable and exciting Bali packages can be selected from their showcase to cover most of the city with all your required destinations ticked off.

Moreover, the experienced associates can also guide you to the best accommodation facilities accompanied by the best street food and signature dishes of Indonesia.

This can be a lot more productive than a conventional visit which sums up everything starting from the time management, selection of the places and then looking out for the foods reflecting the heart of the city. You can get a ton of packages to choose from and that varies with the days to stay and the time that will take to cover the entire ticked destination.

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